Cat Tail Tales

Any cat owner can tell you that cats are one of the most expressive pets. They have over 100 different vocalizations. However, let’s talk about what they’re trying to tell us with their tails.

A curved or S-shaped tail says the cat is relaxed and content.

A tail that’s straight in the air with a slight curve at the end suggests kitty is curious or excited.

A fully erect tail that’s slightly swaying is a casual greeting.

A hanging tail that swings from side to side denotes impatience or fury.

A curved tail with a twitching tip shows annoyance.

A tail that’s lowered and tucked between the hind leg shows absolute submission.

A bristled tail held down means complete terror.

A curved tail that’s puffed out to double the size means aggressive fear. Be very careful, if continually provoked, this cat will attack!

A fluffed out erect tail means anger that could lead to aggression.

A tail that stands up in the air stiffly means that kitty is thrilled to see you.

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