Cooper’s First Camping Trip

His first camping trip began the day after getting picked up from his breeder; 9 days of camping up north. (His owners were pleasantly surprised.) He was only tethered once for not even an hours to which  he immediately protested. For most of the week he was free and stayed within the campsite (and his owners’ line of vision) without any fear of him wandering off, he always stayed right with them!  His favourite place to be was the perimeter of the campsite where the grass had grown up with a few wild flowers; he would play for hours there.

He went with them on walks, though he did have to be carried a couple of times when he got tuckered out. His first leashed walk was not that far but, being a baby, it was far enough. Upon arriving at our campsite, he went and got a big drink of water and dropped down beside it. He slept there for nearly 3 hours!

His crate fit perfectly into the bike bag (see below) so he came along on bike rides too. He usually fell asleep after a while. Since the walks tuckered him out so much, he probably enjoyed the bike rides much better.

Cooper even went swimming; he jumped right in the water without as much as a thought. Later in the week, my husband went out in the water to his knees and called to Cooper, Cooper immediately walked out as far as he could and swam out the rest of the way to my husband. It absolutely delighted us.

Cooper was absolutely perfect in the car for the long drive to our campground. There, back and everywhere since then.

Cooper's bike


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