Best Cat Breeds for Kids

If you’re looking for a new cat for your family, the following breeds do best with children:


Abyssians love the outdoors and are therefore best for older kids who can play outside on their own. They are playful and are natural hams. They take their time getting to know you, so have patience. Once you bond though, it’s forever.


Very playful and even-tempered, they are extremely loyal and develop deep relationships with all family members. They love children and other pets. these were the cats who roamed the farms of the original 13 colonies and caught the mice, they’ll do the same for your family if needed.


A cross between Siamese and Persians, Birmans are super soft with their face, paws and tails darker than their bodies. They love to cuddle and will sit for long periods. They require a lot of grooming for their long-haired coats. They aren’t much of a match for active kids, but they are extremely friendly.


Considered to be tailless, they actually have either a short tail or a stub. They can either be long or short-haired. Tall hind legs allows Manxes to jump very high. They are very playful and highly interactive. It’s said Manxes have a dog’s personality: they enjoy burying and digging. Keep in mind that they may only bond to a certain person and that bond is forever and unlikely to be transferred. The Manx does best indoors.


This is the cat for you if you love the outdoors. They are extremely playful and tend to chirp, much like a bird. They love water. Hugely loyal, they are so entertaining. If they were human, they might suffer from restless leg syndrome or they would toss and turn all night. You will definitely be entertained by the position they sleep it and it will probably be different every time.


Very docile and low energy; they aren’t likely to follow you around, but they love affection and attention. Persians are to be kept strictly indoors. They do need proper attention to their hair, but other than that, are a low maintenance pet.

Don’t be alarmed: When you pick up a Ragdoll, they go limp. Best suited to indoors, they will follow you around. They are easy to get along with and they tolerate children and other pets well. They can be taught to fetch. They also make great cuddlers.

Siamese are the most popular short-haired cat in the U.S. Siamese tend to converse with you; it’s quite a vocal breed. They love attention, but tend to be shy and take time to warm up. Once they do, it’s a strong, forever bond. Extremely curious, Siamese are able to raise a child’s activity level.


Much like their American counterpart, they require little grooming and faithfully bond to family members and are great “workers.” British shorthairs aren’t the healthiest cat breed out there: they are all prone to sunburn while white cats are prone to tumors and white cats with blue eyes are prone to deafness.


A semi long-haired cat, their fur is silky soft. Tiffanys are active and curious, but not mischievous. They play well with kids, but won’t wear them out.

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