Best Dog Breeds for Kids

If you’re in the market for a new dog, the following breeds do best with children.


Bulldogs are very sturdy and can pretty much take anything that a kid can throw at them. Bulldogs also tend to have low energy. They can tolerate living in a small apartment as well as they can in a large house.


It’s a pretty safe bet that your child will tire before your beagle. Beagles are extremely energetic and friendly. They’re a sturdy breed and can even help you to corral your kids at bedtime.


These guys can handle much roughhousing and are still able to remain calm and in control. Bull terriers are intelligent, energetic, friendly and adorable. These dogs are particularly suited for large families — they have plenty of love to share. Once your bond is established, they will become quite protective of you.


Though their coat is high maintenance, they are not. Like a beagle, they have herding instincts. Easily trainable — you can train a collie to do almost anything; collies live to please.


They are very large, drool and shed a lot but these guys aim to please. Newfoundlands also have a natural love of children.


Vizslas are a middle European (Hungarian) hunting dog. They are gentle, loyal and affectionate. They require lots of exercise but prefer to stay indoors.


Playful and energetic, Irish setters adore being outside. Of the larger dog breeds, Irish setters have the shortest lifespan — only about 12 years.

POODLE (The Standard Poodle that is.)

Standard Poodles are gentle giants that make excellent pals for kids. They also make a great pal to kids with allergies. (Other Poodles breeds tend to be high strung and don’t tolerate children well.)


One of the most popular dog breeds and  it’s no surprise why. Labs live to please, are playful yet protective and reliable. They love to learn and they adore showing off.


They are like Labs but only have a ten-year lifespan. Golden retrievers are extremely patient and great with all personality types.


Good news for all you rescuers: any mixed breed (or mutt) dog is a great choice for families. Just make sure you match your dog to your family’s activity level. Keep in mind, that the smaller the dog, the more high strung or high maintenance they are. Above all else, remember that you need to ensure your dog understands that the humans (all family members) are in charge.

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