Horton Takes a Break?


Just after his big brother Timbit’s passing, Horton was a little sad and lonely. One warm Sunday afternoon, he (and his family) took a walk in one of the provincial parks. Normally, Horton stays by his mom’s side and doesn’t stray too far and can often be found off leash. That day, either Horton needed some alone time or he caught the scent of something — either a deer or wild turkey. He vanished! Initially, Mom wasn’t worried as he always comes back. But this time, he didn’t return right away. The panic started to rise and Dad went over the hill after Horton calling his name but, still, he didn’t return. For 2 hours, Mom and Dad walked into an even bigger circle, screaming his name, pleading for him to come back. Suddenly, Horton came trotting up the trail behind them, his furry legs full of leaves and twigs. He gave them each a kiss, assuring them, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

Either Horton needed a break to deal with some grief, or Mr. Tracker Supreme was on the case.


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