Cats are Better Than Dogs

The age old debate rages on: which pet is better – dogs or cats? The reality is it’s all about perception and preference. But here are the best reasons why cats are better than dogs:

The purr

Yes, coming home to a dog that is always super-excited to see you, is amazing, but knowing that you’re coming home to a purring machine is even better. It’s a proven fact that a cat’s purr lowers blood pressure and stress levels.

Cats are less maintenance

Let’s face it: Dogs take a lot of work. Potty training, walks, letting them out to do their business, behavior training — just to name a few. With a cat all you have to do is point out the litter box and they know what to do. No self-respecting cat would ever let himself be walked. Cats don’t beg for attention and often don’t demand it (unless you’re working on something, then they feel that they just have to lie on it).

Cats are very clean

Save for hairballs, cats love to clean themselves and do a great job of it all on their own. Cats don’t have an odor, but dogs do. As such, dogs require frequent bathing.

Cats have more personality

Most dogs demand attention — all the time, but every cat has a distinct personality. Some are shy, some are outgoing and some are gregarious (like a dog). When company comes over, a cat usually won’t leap all over them.

Cats are natural hunters

If you have a problem with mice, get yourself a cat. Problem solved; easy. If you have insects in your home (a fly, ladybugs or ants), a cat will alert you and (in some cases) take care of that problem too (unless it’s an infestation). The only caveat of this is sometimes cats like to show off their kills to you.

Cats are quieter

There are cat breeds that are indeed more vocal than others, but, for the most part, cats are pretty quiet. When was the last time your neighbor called to complain that your cat is too loud?


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