Dogs are Better than Cats

The age old debate rages on: which pet is better – dogs or cats? The reality is it’s all about perception and preference. But here are the best reasons why dogs are better than cats:

Hands down, dogs are more trainable

The sheer number of tricks you can teach a dog far outweighs the number of tricks you can teach a cat. Dogs are natural show-offs and love to learn and, most importantly, they want to please you. Dogs are natural hams.

Dogs provide better protection

When a burglar drops by, once he hears a dog, he may think twice. Your cat won’t scare him away — ever.

Dogs bond for life

All wild ancestors of dogs pretty much travel or live in packs their whole lives. (The only cats to live in a group are lions. Most other cat ancestors are solitary by nature.) This means that dogs naturally seek out an attachment to someone else. Dogs want to be around you and they want to please you. A dog will make you the center of their entire universe, a cat just won’t.

Dogs are better for active humans

If you are an outdoorsman, you will not appreciate a sedentary cat; a dog will be your best friend. Dogs love being outside, running around, playing with a ball or a Frisbee. Dogs even have their own parks! If you love travelling, it’s easier to travel with a dog and dogs travel so much easier than a cat anyway — dogs love car rides! More places are willing to allow overnight visitors with dogs (think camping) than a cat. On a daily basis at home, you must walk your dog for the good of his health; it’s also beneficial for yours as well.

Dogs are more adaptable

Maybe it comes from living in a pack, but dogs take change in stride. Cats are very much creatures of habit and change is very stressful for them. Dogs are trusting so as long as you’re still there, they’re good. This is mostly because a dog looks to its master for encouragement, so if you aren’t bothered, your dog won’t be either. A cat, however, for survival, has needed to be cautious. (That’s what happens when you only have yourself to depend on.)


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