Cooper at Play

Cooper's play

Almost ten-month-old Cooper is a bundle of energy. He loves to play with his buddy, Horton and his Daddy.

When he plays with big people he has a few very unique things he likes to do. When he brings you a toy, he will drop it and put his paw on top of it (as seen in the picture above), this means he wants you to try to take it away from him. Or he will bring you a toy and chew it on your lap, your legs, the back of your legs or your behind, whatever is in his reach that is yours. That means he wants you to take his toy and throw it for him.

Now when he plays with Horton, he will sometimes, bark relentlessly in Horton’s ears, until Horton chases him. Horton sometimes tries real hard to ignore him but then Cooper starts talking in his “yodelly” barking voice. When Horton has finally had enough, and gives in to the chase, Cooper will run in the other direction. (It is so funny to watch those two carry on together.) They then will play chase each other taking turns chasing and nipping the other’s legs while they run. There is never a dull moment in this house with those two. If you need a laugh, call up these two.


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