Pippy’s Sleeping Arrangements

Pippy is the baby of his family and he does not like to be alone.

He and his best buddy Boots used to eat together every morning and they would usually be found sleeping in the same general vicinity. Unfortunately for Pippy, Boots died in July 2013. That wasn’t enough to change Pippy’s penchant for companionship. He still sleeps in the same general vicinity of, but he doesn’t just single out one cat anymore, he will lay near whomever he chooses. His favorite spot used to be on the bed under the window next to the wall (see picture below, yep, that was Pippy’s spot). This was probably because Boots’ favorite spot to sleep was actually under the covers with his feet sticking out. (Thank goodness because if you didn’t see his feet, you might end up sitting on him!) Without Boots, Pippy has learned to lie wherever he wants: at the foot of the bed, the couch or on a blanket.



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