Cooper vs. Horton For the Bed

Cooper has a new habit, and in the process has found a new hold over Horton.

In their home are two doggie beds, one for each of them. The bigger one is supposed to be for Cooper, however, there used to be no set preference by either dog until lately…

Horton will be curled up in one of the beds; Cooper will begin to bark at Horton like he does when he wants to play in his praying/bowing position (see below) . Cooper continues to bark until Horton jumps out his bed to chase him. Cooper instead heads in the opposite direction, does an about turn and takes up residence in the bed vacated by Horton. Does Cooper simply like having a warm bed or is he just teasing Horton? What do you think? (By the way, poor Horton just curls up in the other bed and goes to sleep.)

Cooper bowing2 poor Horton

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