Horton’s Routines

GHorton small

Horton thrives on routine: breakfast and dinner are always served to him after he comes in from his morning business and around 5pm in the afternoon. Horton has a pillow that he sleeps on in the center of his parents’ bed. If you think you can sleep in, Horton has a different idea…Slowly from the end of the bed, he will travel up the length of Mom’s legs until he reaches her face and slowly licks her face. Always Mom’s, never Dad’s. (Horton is Mommy’s baby). Once you get up and he comes in again, you ask him “Are you hungry?” and he does his backward dance to his food bowl.

​At dinner time, he gets up and about at 4 o’clock and will stare at you and sit directly in front of whatever you are doing at the time. Every once in a while he will go up and nudge or paw at your knee as if to ask, “Do you know what time it is?” or to say, “I’m hungry.” H​​orton is patient; he will do this until you feed him. Then he will go back to napping or playing.  If dinner is late for some reason, he will stare you down until he gets a full belly.

Horton’s welcome home: He knows what time his parents are due home from work. He sits and watches the door, and every once in a while, runs to the windows to check for their cars to turn into the driveway.


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