Horton at the Beach

Horton is not much of a swimmer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have fun at the beach. He will usually chase sticks, dig in the sand or “play” with the other dogs. If other dogs are chasing sticks that get thrown into the water, Horton waits on shore; then latches on to the other dog’s stick and attempts to steal it as the dog comes on shore; yes, he plays dirty. If he gets too hot, he digs a hole under Mom’s beach chair (especially while she’s in it) to lay underneath. All the while, he still ventures out to the beach to try to steal sticks and balls from his beach buddies, yapping the entire time. Then returns to the hole beneath the beach chair.

To enjoy the water, Dad will carry Horton out to the water. After Dad puts him in, Horton kicks his feet and swims back to shore. Once he is wet, he will rub on everything. (He does this after a bath at home too.) Unlike humans, he doesn’t mind being covered in sand (see photo below). When it’s time to go home, Horton has to get one last dunk (to clean him off) and get towel dried. His parents prefer that the sand stays at the beach. 😉

Sandy Horton

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