Dog Clothing

There is nothing more adorable than pet costumes. And pet clothing is a booming business, but let’s discuss why your dog should have his own winter coat and boots.

Look at it this simply, if it’s too cold for you to go outside on a winter’s day without a coat, hat and boots, how do you think your dog feels? Not every breed of dog has long hair. In fact, many short haired breeds do get cold. It is never okay to leave any dog outside (regardless of the length of their coat) during the night. Dogs can freeze to death.

All breeds of dogs can benefit from boots, regardless of whether they have fur between their “toes.” No dog has fur on the bottom of their feet. Boots are especially beneficial on city streets where sand or salt is spread. The sand and salt that melt the snow can cause sore feet for your dog. It will take time for your dog to get used to wearing boots, but have patience, you will prevail and they will thank you later.


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