Socks the Explorer

winky small pic

For the first year of her life, Socks was an indoor/outdoor cat. When she was rehomed at a year, she became a strictly indoor cat (much to her chagrin). Even though she got fixed after having Pippy, her desire to prowl is still there. (Meanwhile, since none of her kittens were ever allowed outdoors, if you’re “mean” enough to take them outside, they literally sit at the door and cry until you let them back inside.) Socks tends to head for the door whenever you step out. But, sneaky Socks never made it outside until one day last summer.

Since her Mom knows that Socks tries to sneak out, she does routine checks when she can’t see Socks out in the open sleeping (Socks doesn’t tend to hide and usually sleeps on the furniture). She couldn’t see her and she couldn’t find Socks underneath any furniture. Mom started to get panicked and starting calling for Socks a bit louder. Nothing. Socks didn’t come out — which, unfortunately, is not unusual for Socks; Socks is the typical cat with a mind of her own. Panicking further and moving completely throughout the house, down into the basement even yet still no Socks. After another fruitless search underneath the living room furniture, Socks’ Mom then heard a meow from outside. She went to the front door and sure enough, there was Socks. Oh, that crazy cat!

It’s interesting to note that Socks only wants to go outside during the spring, summer and early autumn. She never attempts to go outside during the winter. Hey, Socks is no dummy.


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