White Cats


Pure white cats are genetic anomalies; they do not normally occur in nature. As a result, white cats face a multitude of health problems. A white cat’s coat is actually devoid of color and, more importantly, melanin, the chief protection against ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, white cats are prone to sunburns. The UV light they’re exposed to without sun protection often results in cancer.

White cats often end up with at least one blue eye. Blue eyes in adult cats indicate a lack of color in the upper layers of the iris. Most cats with blue eyes are deaf. The same gene responsible for eye color is responsible for hearing. Many white cats will have one blue and one green eye. These cats are usually deaf in one ear, but not necessarily on the same side as the blue eye.

True albino cats are very rare. Albinos have a complete lack of melanin in their skin and their eyes appear red because you are literally looking right through the eye to the exposed blood vessels in the iris.


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