Cooper and Mama Cardinal

Cooper’s family has a pair of cardinals nesting in the bush outside their dining room window. A set of stairs comes down from the deck that Cooper and Horton use to get down to the grass. (Picture this: Dining room window, a bush, stairs down to the grass.) Therefore, the pair of dogs run down the stairs several times a day. The female cardinal has been there for (at least) the past week and a half.  Neither Cooper nor Horton have seen the cardinal or haven’t paid any attention to her if they have seen her. On Tuesday (April 29) she flew out of her nest and Cooper saw her do so…
Now Cooper heads for the bush to sniff all around. He will jump up on the railing and bark. But Momma cardinal stays still, not moving a muscle. She is currently still laying on her eggs and hopefully by the time the babies arrive Cooper will have found something else that will capture his interest.

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