American Curl

American Curls are named for their ears. Their ears are curled back! It’s easy to confuse American Curls with the Scottish Fold, but an informed observer will tell you that each cat has a distinct body “shape” (meaning the cats aren’t the same size) and their ears each fold differently.

The very first American Curls were born to a longhaired black stray named Shulasmith whom herself had unusual ears. The curled ears are naturally occurring thanks to a dominant gene in the cat’s makeup. To keep the breed pure, American Curls are only bred with other Curls or (very infrequently) other domestic cats that align to breed standards.

Curls are medium-sized, slender, slightly muscular cats. They come in almost all colors and patterns.

Curl kittens are born with straight ears. At three to five days old, the ears begin to curl. They unfurl at about six weeks old. Between twelve and sixteen weeks, the ears reach their permanent “curl” state.

Curls are sweet, intelligent and curious. They adore their human family! Curls retain their kittenhood (behavior-wise) through their entire lifespan. They get along well with other pets and children.


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