American Shorthair

Originally called domestic shorthair, the breed was re-named American Shorthair in 1965. American Shorthairs were thought to have descended from the mousers that came over on the Mayflower.

These medium sized cats comes in all colors and patterns. The head (as viewed from the side) is as long as it is broad. Their eyes are large and wide set. The top of the eye is round while the bottom is almond-shaped. Muzzles are square and ears are medium sized and low set. American Shorthairs tend to have a slight “pouch” under the belly.

American Shorthairs are neither hyperactive nor sedate. They are not very vocal, in fact, some of them meow silently (they open their mouth but little to no sound comes out).

American Shorthairs prefer to get around under their own power (known as a “four-on-the-floor” cat); they don’t like to picked up excessively. Fear not, they do adore you. They probably will follow you from room to room.


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