American Wirehair

American Wirehairs are named for their distinctive coats. Their fur is coarse, stiff, dense, springy to the touch and resilient. The hair gives the coat a crimped appearance and all the cat’s hair is crimped, including the whiskers and ear hair. Altogether, the coat appears in ringlets, looking rather wave-like. The coat’s appearance is a natural occurrence; they were not bred for it.

American Wirehairs are medium to large size. Wirehairs have round heads with prominent cheekbones and well-developed chins and muzzles. They eyes are set well apart. Males weigh in at about 8 to 11 pounds, females tend to be 6 to 9 pounds.

In 1966, five wire-haired kittens were born to barn cats on a farm in Verona, New York. Unfortunately, four of these kittens were killed by a weasel and no more subsequent litters produced other Wirehair kittens. The remaining kitten, Adam was bred with an ordinary calico. They produced two Wirehair kittens and two regular coat kittens.


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