Balinese cats are essentially long-haired Siamese. In fact, original Siam breeders were horrified in the early 1900s when long-haired kittens began to naturally appear. Quietly, these kittens were given away as pets. In the 1940s, a breeder in New York and a breeder in California decided to make the Balinese a true breed by using the existing Balinese and Siamese cats. It took another 30 years for Siamese breeders to come around and learn to appreciate that long hair. (It’s just hair!)

Long, lithe and muscular, Balinese weigh just under 10 pounds while females weigh about 5 to 7 pounds. Balinese have flat foreheads, wedge-shaped muzzles and almond-shaped beautiful blue eyes. The ears are large and pointed, the neck is slender, legs are long and thin and the tail is long and tapered.

Balinese have long, silky coats that nestles right up against the body, appearing shorter than it really is. The hair on the tail is semi-long and soft and spreads out in a plume. Without a downy undercoat, the Balinese doesn’t require a ridiculous grooming routine.

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