Peanut’s Labor Day Weekend


Peanut had a rough start to her Labor Day weekend. She had to go to the vet for her annual checkup. Remember, her old owner passed away in March so Peanut has had to adjust to her new mommy and her new housemates. She does not like the boy kitties she lives with. In reality, she has always been a nervous kitty anyway. She has lost over a pound. For cats, losing a pound is a huge deal. During the vet’s examination, he noticed that her left thyroid is enlarged. Normally you can’t feel a normal thyroid in a cat. Blood work was taken and she came home. Also, she learned that she is two years old than what she thought. Instead of being 10, she’s actually 12!! Yikes! Grandma Kitty! lol

Peanut’s vet normally doesn’t work on Sundays, but he called Sunday with her test results. Her thyroid and all her tests came back normal. Her vet is hoping that it’s simply do her nervous nature, so she’ll need some pheromone therapy for a few months to see if she gets back on track weight-wise. If that doesn’t help, poor Peanut will have to get her urine tested to see if she has an early stage of kidney disease. Let’s hope for the best!!

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