Bombays look like a mini black leopard with the personality of a Burmese cat. The Bombay has a glossy jet black coat and brilliant copper eyes. Medium in size, Bombays are a mass of muscle. Males weigh 8 to 11 pounds, females tip the scales between 6 to 9 pounds. Their coat lays close to their bodies and feels like pure satin.

The Bombay breed is a manmade creation. Breeder Nikki Horner wanted to emulate the black leopard. She used a sable Burmese male with a black American Shorthair female.

A Bombay companion is a devoted one indeed, but he won’t drive you crazy, conversation-wise anyway. He will follow you around because he craves your attention and he adores being in your lap. Bombays are very sweet, utterly affectionate and completely agreeable. Don’t be surprised if your Bombay never plays with his toys unless you join in. They are naturally curious and intelligent.

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