British Shorthair

The best way to describe the Brit is “round.” British Shorthairs have big heads (round-looking of course) on a thick neck. Their round face has round whisker pads that help Brits to look like perpetual smilers. Even the ears are rounded at the tips! Their eyes are round and usually gold or copper colored.

Their coat feels velvety. (Fanciers refer to the Brit as the teddy bear of the cat world.) Blue is the common color, but Brits come in almost all colors.

While the Romans were out conquering lands, they brought some cats with them to control the rodent populations on their ships. When the Romans left, they forgot their cats. It’s believed those cats likely bred with European wildcats and eventually bred themselves into the British Shorthair breed of today. Brits survived on their own through a long history of random breeding. By the mid 1800s, British people started to bring the cat out of the garden into the house. By the end of the 19th century, having a pedigreed Brit cat was a status symbol.

These gentle giants retain the reserve of the British people (upon first meeting anyway). As they get to know you, they become loving and loyal (as long as you are to them). The more time and energy and love that you give them, the more they will give back to you in return.

British Shorthairs are (mostly) quiet cats with a big purr. A Brit is your perfect companion if you’re not into clingy; a Brit is able to bond to his whole family, not just one person. They enjoy playing with you, but still need their own time and space alone.

Brits are not lap cats, they’d rather be beside you. They also prefer to stay on the ground. Don’t be “kissy,” it makes Brits anxious and they will run and hide until they feel secure.


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