American Bulldog

AKC Group: Non-sporting.

In the 17th century, Bulldogs were used for bull baiting, a sport in which dogs fought bulls. The sport was outlawed in 1835. Bulldogs were then bred to be kinder, more relaxed dogs (that became heavier). Bulldogs that crossed the Atlantic and came to the U.S. retained the original size and strength of English bulldogs.

Size: 60 to 100 pounds. 20 to 25 inches.

Color: Solid white to combinations of white with red, tan, brindle or fawn patches.

Life span: Up to 15 years.

Health problems: A generally healthy breed. Like most large breeds, American Bulldogs came to develop hip or elbow dysplasia. Very rarely eye problems, heart murmurs and deafness occur.

Proper training needs to start early on for these dogs. They will initially resist with extreme stubbornness, but with consistency, firmness and patience, your American Bulldog will respond and end up a very faithful companion. A properly trained Bulldog will be assertive and confident, but you’ll never have to worry, your Bulldog can control himself.

In general, they are happy, friendly, gentle, loving dogs that were dealt a bad reputation. They actually make great family pets! They love children and want to be the center of family activities. With an amazing stamina, they’re always up for playtime, work time or exercise time. The real question is how up for it are you? The more time Bulldogs spend engaged in activities, the more their positive personality traits will be on display.

American Bulldogs are sturdy, muscular, heavy dogs who are actually quite light on their feet. American Bulldogs are taller and leaner than the English Bulldogs from which they descended. Their coat is short and coarse. Underneath is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet.

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