American Hairless Terrier

AKC Group: Miscellaneous

In 1972, a hairless female dog was born in a Rat Terrier’s litter. Named Josephine, she became the pioneer of the Hairless Terrier breed.

Size: 5 to 10 pounds. 10 to 20 inches.

Color: Hairless Terriers come in any skin color. Most common is pink skin with red, grey, black or golden spots.

Life span: Up to 16 years.

Health problems: Hairless Terriers are relatively healthy. The hairlessness is a recessive gene, meaning they don’t experience the skin ailments of other hairless breeds. Being hairless, you will need to apply sunscreen in the summer to avoid sunburns and sweaters and booties in the winter to prevent hypothermia.

American Hairless Terriers have the intelligence and energy of a whole room of dogs! They love to cuddle and they live to please. They are very trainable and will help you work — on the farm, in the field, in the yard, wherever. Give them a job to do or a task and they’ll do it. They are gentle, outgoing and bold dogs. Hairless Terriers aren’t fond of strangers so you’ll need to engage in training to lessen their barking.

Your American Hairless Terrier can do well living in an apartment. They require a good, solid half-hour of daily exercise no matter where they live. You can jog, walk or hike, your Hairless Terrier is up for anything. Be sure to provide him with a variety of constructive toys at home to keep his intelligent mind buzzing.

These little darlings may look tough, but inside, they’re just a gooey pile of love!

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