American Indian Dog

AKC Group: Not recognized by the AKC.

According to some, the American Indian dog is an ancient breed that worked alongside the Plains Indians. To others, the American Indian dog is a re-creation of that ancient breed. Regardless, American Indian dogs were used for hauling, guarding, hunting and companionship.

Size: 25 inches, 55 to 75 pounds.

Color: A wide variety of colors, all have sable shading.

Life span: Up to 18 years.

Health problems: nothing noteworthy.

American Indian dogs naturally gravitate to a pack. This makes them an excellent guard dog or protector. At home, they have a gentle, friendly demeanor with their family. They are great with kids and helpful towards adults. Deep down, American Indian dogs have mellow spirits. Full of curiosity and energy, American Indian dogs do better in a home with a fenced yard.

American Indian dogs are medium-sized with a glossy medium-to-long coat that’s heavier at the chest and legs. For most of the year, a weekly brushing will suffice. During shedding season (spring and fall), you’ll need to bump that up to a daily brushing. Their wedge-shaped heads have long, slim muzzles and erect ears. Its slightly curved tail hangs low to the ground.


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