Burmese are powerful, compact, medium-sized cats with a rounded chest. Adult males come in at 8 to 12 pounds, females are 6 to 10 pounds.

Burmese have round heads and full faces that lead down to a firm, rounded chin. Burmese eyes are round and large.

The coat is short, glossy, feels like satin and lays close to the Burmese’s muscular body. The Burmese coat is mostly sable, champagne, blue or platinum colored, though chocolate, lilac, red, cream or tortoiseshell exist as well.

In 1930, a female cat named Wong Mau was brought to the U.S. from Burma and given to a Siamese breeder. Wong Mau was a small, walnut brown colored cat that had darker brown points. In an effort to recreate Wong Mau’s astonishing beauty, she was bred to a Siamese male. The resulting kittens were bred out to establish the responsible genes until the Burmese was perfected. About thirty years ago, there became two distinct head shapes and now two distinct Burmese types: the Contemporary and the European Burmese (the European will be discussed at length in its own posting, this is about the Contemporary Burmese).

Burmese cats are all about people and all about performing. If you teach them a trick, they’ll put on a show. If you don’t pay adequate enough attention, they’ll be in your lap to ensure that you start. Burmese cats are very determined. They only pause their show for dinner and naptime. They remain vigilant entertainers well into their old age.

They are a pretty vocal breed, but not as much as their Siamese cousin. A Burmese left to his own devices is not a happy kitty; they become unhappy and depressed when too often left alone. If you are often away for extended periods, you’ll need to get your Burmese another cat companion or even a cat-loving dog. If you work fulltime and can only have one cat, you’ll have to consider getting a different breed of feline.


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