Australian Cattle dog

AKC Group: Herding

A cross between Australia’s dingoes and collies or other herding dogs, Australian Cattle dogs were developed in 1840. The cattlemen of Australia were impressed with the dogs and they quickly began using them to herd cattle. Today, Australian Cattle dogs remain popular with farmers, ranchers and have made the transition to a popular pet breed.

Size: 20 inches tall, 30 to 35 pounds.

Color: Blue- or red-speckled, both can also have dark or tan markings.

Life span: Up to 15 years.

Health problems: Eye problems, deafness, hip dysplasia.

Australian Cattle dogs are high energy! They will not sit around the house for hours on end doing nothing. They need to exercise, to play and to work. An apartment will not suffice for them; they need an adequate yard or they will turn destructive. Any toy that you give an Australian Cattle dog needs to be durable; they are known to be tough on their toys. Australian Cattle dogs tend to nip (this is due to their natural herding instincts). They typically bond to one person, but won’t overwhelm you with a constant need for affection; they’re very independent. Quite tough, they still appreciate praise and genuine love from dog owners. They don’t tend to be a loud dog, but still make a good watchdog. If you live with an Australian Cattle dog, you’ll need a good leash and to invest in proper leash training. These dogs are curious and fast.

Australian Cattle dogs are solid, compact, sturdy dogs with muscular legs and strong necks. They have a dense, weather-resistant coat. Pointy ears sit atop slightly round heads. Their tails are curved and hang down.

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