Australian Kelpie

AKC Group: Foundation Stock Service

Australia’s Outback was too rough for Border Collies. In the late 1800s, a mix of English working dogs were combined to create the Australian Kelpie. Today, Kelpie dogs remain the most popular working dog in Australia.

Size: 20 inches, 30 to 45 pounds.

Color: Black, black and tan, chocolate, blue or fawn.

Life span: Up to 14 years.

Health problems: Hip dysplasia or eye problems.

Australian Kelpies tend to bond to only one person, they remain cooperative and playful with all other family members. They are devoted, friendly, intelligent and independent dogs. As long as you provide your Kelpie with a task, you’ll see the best of him. Any time they herd your children, they will do so gently. If you’re a runner or a jogger, take your Kelpie with you; these guys will be able to out0run you. Their stamina is amazing!

A Kelpie will not do well if left alone too long or left in the house. They need to run, they need attention and they require a lot of daily walks!

These muscular dogs have coarse, waterproof coats. Don’t bathe your Kelpie too often or you’ll remove his natural weatherproofing. They have long, narrow heads, round skulls, pointy ears and adorable brown, almond-shaped eyes.


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