Basset Hound

AKC Group: Hound

The first ever mention of the Basset Hound was in the 1500s when they were called Badger Hunters. Basset Hounds originated from ancient St. Hubert hounds. These hounds hunted stag. The English named them Bloodhounds. In the early days after the Revolution, four types of Basset Hounds were bred. In the 1800s and then in the 1930s, Bassets were bred with those Bloodhounds to increase the size of the Basset Hound breed.

Size: 12 to 15 inches, 20 to 25 pounds.

Color: Any of the true hound colors.

Life span: 8 to 12 years.

Health problems: The extremely long ears lead to ear disorders. Eye issues due to their droopy eyes. Their lazy nature can lead to obesity. Obesity can then strain the back and lead to back problems.

Basset Hounds have now become the only living descendants of the earliest scent hounds. These smooth, short coated dogs have long, heavy bodies with short, stout legs. Bassets have round heads covered in loose skin that folds around the head. Long ears, sad brown eyes and large paws complete their look and win over human hearts everywhere.

Bassets have thick coats to protect their bodies from the bramble bushes they once hunted in. Bred for their scenting ability, once a Basset picks up the scent, they become immovable objects. Though considered a small dog, you won’t agree if you try to pick one up. As a hound, they do display a baying sound that may not always be a welcome vocalization. They also whine as a way of begging.

Friendly to the core, your children will adore him. Bassets are smart, intelligent and have a sense of humor! Bassets are referred to as “the clowns of the dog world.” They do have a tendency to “forget” a trick unless a food object is the reward. (They haven’t really forgotten though, they just want to eat.)

As a prolific scent hound, always walk your Basset on a leash. Comb and brush regularly. Shampoo only when necessary. Wipe under the ears every week, trim toenails regularly and wipe under the eyes every day with a damp cloth. Bassets constantly shed.


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