AKC Group: Herding

As their name suggests Beaucerons come from France, where they were used as a herding dog. The Beauceron has been used to create the Doberman Pinscher. Though their name hints at coming from the Beauce region, Beaucerons descended from northern France.

Size: 24 to 28 inches, 80 to 100 pounds.

Color: Black and tan or merle with tan points (black, gray and tan).

Life span: 10 to 12 years.

Health problems: Generally, Beaucerons are a healthy breed. Some bloodlines are prone to bloat. All Beaucerons are prone to hip dysplasia (as are any breed of dog that weighs over 40 pounds).

Beaucerons are an old, distinct French dog breed. Bred for their intelligence, they herded and guarded flocks of 200 to 300 sheep (or dwellings). They moved their flocks up to 50 miles a day and never tired.

Beaucerons are solid, muscular dogs that are alert, energetic and regal looking. They demand respect, however they do not have violent tendencies. They look imposing, but, deep down, are pussycats. They are fearless, yet are easily trained. They are faithful, gentle and obedient dogs. Beaucerons have excellent memories and an eagerness to please. He is reserved around strangers and won’t bark or lash out. You can easily approach a Beauceron with no fear.

Beaucerons are proud of themselves and their family. They are known for their strong leadership. To properly train a Beauceron, you need to help him understand that you are as strong a leader as he is — without violence or harsh treatment. A Beauceron that hasn’t been trained properly can be destructive. They make effective watchdogs and will only become violent if they or their family is being threatened. You need to ensure that a voice is never raised too high if a Beauceron is around. Beaucerons can get along with other animals (that will submit to them) and to children (that have been taught to handle them).

An occasional brushing is all that’s necessary to keep your Beauceron looking gorgeous. During shedding season, they may need a bit more brushing.


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