Guest Star: Buddy and the Bunnies

 photo Ollie6.jpg

(This is not Buddy, but looks very much like him.)

I have a friend, a single mom who lives with her teenage son. They have three cats and two bunnies in their home. Last week, they had a wee problem with their toilet and it overflowed into their apartment. Normally, the bunnies are kept in the son’s bedroom, but the water went into his room and the bunnies are currently (temporarily) being accommodated in the kitchen until the management company finishes installation of the new bedroom carpet. Buddy has never been feral, in fact, never been outside; he has never had to fend for himself and use his natural hunting abilities. He is a very sweet, cuddly fluffball. When I visited them this week, Buddy was just staring at those poor bunnies, even being so bold as to stick his paw into the cage and pawing at them.

It’s amazing how little it takes for a cat to revert back to their hunter state, isn’t it?

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