Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex cats have super short wavy hair. Underneath their coat they are a mass of bone and muscle. Cornish Rex are extremely slender, long, lean cats that are curvy, curvy, curvy! These small cats weigh 5 to 7 pounds (females) or 6 to 9 pounds (males). Their backs naturally arch (told ya curvy). The muscular hips and thighs allow Cornish Rex to jump high. If these cats were human, they would win Gold at the Olympic High Jump every time. Their tail is long and slender, tapers to the end and is so flexible.

The head of the Cornish Rex is small and egg-shaped. They have high cheekbones and strong chins. Medium-to-large oval-shaped eyes rest under very large, high-set erect ears.

The coat is short, soft, silky and dense. The natural wave keeps the hair tucked up against the body. The wave continues all the way down the body, even the whiskers are crimped. Cornish Rex come in all colors and patterns, there are even pointed Cornish Rex.

The first Cornish Rex was born in 1950 in Cornwall, England. Serena, a white tortoiseshell barn cat gave birth to five kittens in the Bodmin Moor. One of those kittens was a cream-colored, curly coated male. Serena’s owner named him Kallibunker. Kallibunker was bred with his mother to produce one straight-coated and two curly-coated kittens. To produce the curly coat, a kitten must inherit the recessive gene from both parents.

These alien-looking cats are energetic, intelligent and young at heart. They remain very active their entire lives. They enjoy fetch, any interactive toy and even some things that you don’t want to be a toy. You may have to put your trinkets away lest they end up in your Cornish Rex’s toybox.

Curious (some would say nosy), they leave no corner unexplored. Closed doors mean nothing to them; they’ll open the door and they can get into the drawers. In fact, if a Cornish Rex can’t do it, they’ll simply watch how you do it and then just imitate you. When a Cornish Rex has a will, they will figure out a way!

These interactive cats love to be around you. (How else can they observe you?) They want your attention and crave your affection. (It’s so hard to be mad at them!) When you sit down at the computer, so will they. When you’re trying to make the bed, they’ll be there too. Whether they’re there to help or hinder is dependent on his mood. Don’t be surprised if when you sit down to dinner that they’re there to swipe at that too. With their high activity level, they do require more food than the average cat. In later years, you’ll need to guard against “middle-age spread,” so decrease the food naturally as your Cornish Rex ages. When he isn’t getting enough attention, you’ll know. He’ll tell you. Generally quiet cats, when a Cornish Rex’s life doesn’t go according to his plan, he won’t hesitate to speak up.


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