Peanut’s Nightmare Thursday


As you may know, since last year Peanut has lost about a pound (which is huge for a cat). Since the poor kitty has had a difficult year with the passing of her mommy and new transitions, we have slowly been trying to figure out the cause. On Thursday, she was scheduled for a urine analysis to rule out early stage kidney disease. Her ordeal began Wednesday night when she had to be sequestered away and try to hold her pee (she isn’t used to having her movements restricted). It didn’t go very well and by the time she got to the vet on Thursday morning, she was a mess — a stinky mess. Of course, they weren’t able to obtain a sample so the poor thing had to spend the day at the vet. On her way home, out of stress or happiness to see Mom (who knows), she had another accident and ended up having two baths in one day! (You know how much cats love bath time!)

The analysis came back okay, so now we have to try additives under the assumption that, as an older cat, she isn’t absorbing enough nutrients from her food. Stay tuned….


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