Berger Picard

AKC Group: Miscellaneous

Perhaps the oldest of French sheepdogs, Berger Picards were brought to northern France in the 9th century. Berger Picards are also known as Picardy Shepherds. Concentrated in northeastern French farms, World War I and II almost killed the breed. The breed’s easy care and mellow temperament ensured their survival. Breeders were more than willing to bring the dog back.

Size: 22 to 26 inches, 50 to 70 pounds.

Color: Gray, black/gray, blue/gray, red/gray or fawn.

Life span: 11 to 14 years.

Health problems: Only hip dysplasia occurs sporadically. Eye infections most often occur.

Berger Picards are medium-sized dogs with a tousled appearance. The ears are naturally erect and high set. Their eyebrows are thick. Despite their rugged look, a Berger Picard carries himself regally. They are known for their “smile.” Their tail curves slightly at the tip. Their waterproof coat feels “crispy,” but they don’t have a true undercoat.

Berger Picards are a sensitive lot. They don’t like to be ignored or isolated. They are loyal and assertive, alert and hard-working. They are well mannered and energetic. They do great with children, dogs and any other pet they were raised with. They naturally protect their family and property.

All you need to do is comb your Berger Picard once a month. Resist bathing as much as you can. Try to dry shampoo instead.

Early socialization and basic obedience should help keep a Berger Picard’s stubbornness at bay.

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