Dog People vs. Cat People

While prowling around the internet, I came across some factoids about the personalities and lifestyles of dog people versus cat people. (I don’t know how scientific any of these “facts” are, but they’re usually always interesting.)

Studies show that our preference is dependent on the animals we were raised with and factors like our age and living space. Families with young children are more apt to have a dog. Older adults and singles are more inclined to cats. If you live in the suburbs, you probably have a dog. If you live in an apartment, you’ll tend to have a small dog or a cat.

Dog people are said to be more extroverted, laidback and conscientious. Cat people are creative, adventurous and prone to suffer from anxiety. Both dog and cat people are equally likely to have graduated from post-secondary education, while cat people are slightly more likely to have completed graduate studies.

Both dog and cat people talk to animals (not just their own!), have an affinity for nature, are more optimist and tend to dislike animal-print clothing.

Dog people seem to gravitate more to rural areas (it is always good to give your dog plenty of open space to exercise), while cat people prefer urban areas.

Dog people have no qualms about calling in professional reinforcements if they find abandoned kittens while cat people are more prone to open their homes, hearts and eventually wallets for those same kittens.

Dog people are more likely to have a song as their ringtone. Cat people maintain the same group of contacts in their phones as well as in a physical address book.

Dog people are more likely to have kids. Cat people prefer to take care of a friend’s kids rather than to take care of their friend’s dogs.

Dog people are more likely to laugh at slapstick humor and impressions while cat people find ironic humor and puns to be more humorous.

Dog people have a better impression of zoos and prefer jam bands, reggae and psychedelic rock music. Cat people are more active on Twitter and are fans of new wave, classic rock or electronic music.

What do you think? Does this sound like you?

More cats versus dogs:


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