Bernese Mountain Dog

AKC Group: Working

Bernese Mountain dogs originated in Switzerland where they have been completely ingrained into the culture — and history. The breed was among the first dog breeds to be accepted by many kennel clubs worldwide. Bernese Mountain dogs worked as farm and herding dogs on many farms on the Swiss Alps.

Size: 23 to 28 inches tall, 80 to 110 pounds.

Color: Tri-color (black with tan markings and white flashings).

Life span: 6 to 9 years.

Health problems: High rates of fatal cancers have reduced their life spans dramatically. Musculoskeletal diseases (arthritis or hip dysplasia) commonly occur.

Bernese Mountain dogs are famed for their gorgeous long, silky coat. (They are the only Swiss Mountain dog to have a long coat.) “Berners” are intelligent, agile and possess great strength. Their ears are medium sized and triangular in shape. They hang down close to their head. Feet are sound and the tail is bushy and carried low to the ground.

Berners are loyal, loyal, oh-so-loyal dogs. Their only goal in life is to love and serve his family. They are friendly and will adore being involved in any family activity. Children and other animals are not an issue for a Berner; they’ll keep them safe and watch over them.

Unfortunately, that wonderful loyal trait makes a Berner extremely needy. Much reciprocal attention is needed to keep your Berner happy. Training a Berner can be difficult so they will need extra patience and time for them to succeed. (Try to train them later in life. You’ll get a much better reception.) Berners are only active for short periods of time. They prefer to be with you after engaging in a short period of work. Keep exercise time short to coincide with this tendency. (If you’re looking for a dog with boundless energy, keep looking.)

Grooming can be a daily or weekly brushing. If you go for a regular weekly brushing, during shedding season, you’ll need to bump that up unless you like vacuuming and cleaning every single day. They tend to shed heavily during shedding season. Dry shampoo or bathe when necessary.


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