Border Collie

AKC Group: Herding

Border Collies originated from the British Isles. This very old breed dates back to 1570.

Size: 17 to 22 inches, 27 to 45 pounds

Color: Usually black and white, can be chocolate and white, red and white, blue and white (referred to as slate), lilac and white, sable and white, tri-color, saddle patterned, blue merle, red merle or sable merle.

Life span: 12 to 15 years

Health problems: Deafness, seizures, allergies, epilepsy, cataracts, osteochandritis dissecans (OCD, a disease that affects the cartilage in various joints), progressive retinal atrophy (PRA, an inherited disease of the retina that causes the rod cells to die) and hip dysplasia.

The herding instinct is so strong in Border Collies that he may always try to herd everything, from children, other family members, companion pets, local wildlife. Highly intelligent, the Border Collie is quick to learn and one of the most trainable breeds of dog. They also have the stamina and determination to stick with it until they master a task. Border Collies have personality to spare: loyal, dedicated, faithful and affectionate, a Border Collie is a pleasure to live with. If you live on a farm or a large property, a Border Collie will be your friend for life. This is not a dog that does well chained up. They require a lot of mental and physical exercise time to release the abundance of energy they contain. Without enough stimulation, a Border Collie will become hyperactive. Due to this fact and their natural herding skills, Border Collies do better with older children. They get along great with other animals, but are naturally wary of strangers.

A Border Collie coat is either short or long and feathered. The short-coated Border Collie is easier to groom. A weekly brushing will suffice. The long-haired Border Collie needs to be brushed daily. Most days of the year, a Border Collie is a medium shedder. He will twice yearly enter a heavy shedding period. During these periods, he will need to be brushed more often.

Though Border Collies are easily trainable and supremely intelligent, a novice owner may find training difficult. This is due to the fact that a Border Collie can manipulate the trainer into doing what they want. Border Collies do this because they’re trying to anticipate what you want them to do by being two steps ahead of you. Highly sensitive, if your training techniques are too harsh for them, they will shut down. A successful trainer is firm, consistent and able to control the sound during training. They love to learn tricks! Border Collies love to show off.


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