Briquet Griffon Vendeen

AKC Group: Not recognized

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen breed comes from France and has descended from the Vendeen hounds. The World Wars eliminated much of the breed and, in fact, the Briquet is still relatively unknown, even in France. Though rare, they are attracting many admirers worldwide. The Briquet were developed to hunt small game by scent in all types of weather conditions and climates.

Size: 20 to 22 inches, 48 to 53 pounds

Color: White/orange; white/gray; black/tan; tricolored; solid fawn; solid orange; solid gray or solid light brown.

Life span: 12 years

Health problems: Low occurrences of patella luxation and distichiasis (a condition in which extra hairs grow out of the eyelash area).

The Briquet Griffon Vendeen is a medium sized dog with a shaggy white (usually) coat. “Briquet” translates to “medium-sized” and the Vendeen is a popular French companion dog breed. The Briquet is a sensitive, stocky dog. They have long, droopy ears. Their tails are short and stick straight out when the dog is alert, anxious or happy. Briquet are able to hunt small deer. Their large dark eyes are expressive.

They are naturally friendly and intelligent. Briquet make excellent hunters. It doesn’t matter to them if the trail is cold or hot. They love outdoor pursuits! They live life with vigor; they are such lively, enthusiastic dogs. Able to work in packs or independently, they get along famously with other dogs and aren’t possessive. They adore kids. When introduced into England, Brits dubbed them “The Happy Breed.” Happy they are, a Briquet is extremely willing to please and rarely succumb to fits of aggression. What Briquets don’t like is being told what to do (a touch of feline in their bloodline?), you can get bribe him, however.

Their shagginess comes naturally and trimming is discouraged. The double Briquet coat requires brushing and combing regularly. Dirt, mud and burrs need removal. The long ears should be checked and cleaned regularly too.

Training is a challenge; a Briquet is an independent thinker with a single-minded nature. Do not employ harsh or heavy handed methods. Be firm, fair, patient and consistent. Don’t be afraid to enlist help when the going gets tough because it won’t be your fault, it’s his.

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