Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau cats are truly exquisite! They have medium-long, graceful bodies with muscular necks and shoulders. A loose skin flap extends from the flank to the knee of the hind legs. The hind legs are longer than the front and it looks like an Egyptian Mau walks on their tiptoes. Slightly oval feet are small. The tail is medium-long, thicker at the base and tapers to the end. Males weigh 10 to 15 pounds; females weigh 6 to 10 pounds.

They look like a classic cat, but their gorgeous spotted coat sets them apart. Their coat is medium in length with a lustrous sheen. (If Maus were human, they would all star in hair commercials.) Smoky colored Maus have silky, fine coats. Silver or bronze Maus have a dense coat. (Regardless of the base coat color, all Maus have the same spotting.)

Hailing from Egypt, Maus may be the oldest domestic cat breed, from which all other modern breeds descended. The mummified cats of ancient Egypt have been found to be African wildcats (felis silvestris lybica), from which all breeds of domestic cats descended. Side note: A 2007 genetic study has indicated that our domestic cats have descended from as few as five female African wildcats.

Maus tend to bond to only one or two people and they are fiercely loyal and devoted for their whole life. Spending time together (especially playing fetch) is all a Mau will ask for. Maus are the definition of curious, energy and playful. They will need a full, varied arsenal of toys and a few cat trees or they’ll have to play with your knickknacks instead. To a Mau, anything can be a toy. Don’t worry, Maus know how to keep track of their toys. If you sneak and put them away, he will hound you until you return them. Maus retain a wild cat mentality; they love to hunt moving targets. Training not to attack feet or hands will be needed. A Mau will often “hunt” his catnip toy, returning with a predator’s gleam in his eye. If a Mau is allowed outside, he will revert back to his natural hunting instincts — and, like a catnip toy, he will bring you home his kills. It’s best to keep a Mau indoors only; in fact, most breeders make it a condition of sale.

Maus use trills and chortles instead of meows to communicate with you. Maus also have a distinct tail wiggle (it looks like they’re spraying). They love to be up high. You’ll need to be vigilant about a specified amount of food or they can become obese. A closed door will not stop a Mau, they will learn how to open it. Most Maus enjoy water. A fountain may end up becoming his favorite toy — and happily occupy him for hours.

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