Bull Terrier

AKC Group: Terrier

Bull Terriers were another breed developed for the activity of bull baiting. Old English Terriers were bred with Bulldogs and the Spanish Pointer to create the Bull Terrier. The breed wasn’t exactly a good fit for the ring, so they found their calling as a watchdog or as a companion. Breeders then bred out the aggression. The Bull Terrier was once known as the White Cavalier and were the favored watchdogs of royalty.

Size: 21 to 22 inches tall; 50 to 70 pounds

Color: White variety (white body with markings on the head), colored variety, any solid color, any color with white markings. The most favored color is brindle.

Life span: 11 to 14 years

Health problems: Deafness, heart problems, renal cortical hypoplasia, luxating patella, lens luxation, thyroid issues, seizures, allergies and skin conditions.

Bull Terriers are not known as the most attractive breed; they look like a dog not to be trifled with. Bull Terriers are a large, sturdy, strong, muscular dogs with a short, close-fitting coat with erect, tiny ears and an elongated muzzle.

Bull Terriers live up to their name. They are determined and headstrong. They need early socialization (as much as they need air to breathe) to become a successful family companion. The urge to fight has not completely been obliterated, so be mindful of them around smaller animals and young children. His innate personality will determine whether he can tolerate strangers. However, Bull Terriers do have an outgoing personality. They are a bundle of energy and want to be in on the action. There’s a whole lotta dog crammed into those bodies! They are a dominant breed and they aren’t for everyone. They need an experienced, confident owner. If you neglect him, he will ruin your house. As a watchdog, he is not afraid to bark the alarm. Don’t even think about coming between a Bull Terrier and his food!

Grooming is easy. Brush him as needed and rub him down with a damp cloth to bring out the glossy shine of his coat. A Bull Terrier needs regular human interaction and social time with other dogs to hold down his aggression and tame his possessiveness. You need to be positive, loving, consistent and show him that he is not the boss. If he thinks he is, he will develop nasty habits. Bull Terriers are extremely intelligent and learn quickly who they need to listen to and who they can ignore. It’s best to begin with only one trainer until they learn the commands. Once they have, all family members need to become part of the training. If you do not train a Bull Terrier properly, he will not listen to you. Don’t engage in wrestling or tug-of-war games and break him of his natural habit to jump on people. Leash training is essential. A Bull Terrier should never be off leash in public, especially if he isn’t neutered. Obedience and even agility are great outlets for this breed.

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