European Burmese

European Burmese cats are athletic and muscular with a gently rounded appearance. They tend to fall between svelte and cobby. They appear to be heavier than they are. Males weigh 10 to 15 pounds, females usually weigh between 7 to 10 pounds. Chests are strong and rounded, the back is straight. Legs are slender with longer hind legs. The tail is medium in length and tapers to a rounded tip.

The head is rounded. Ears are set well apart. Wide cheekbones taper to a short, blunt muzzle. The lower jaw is strong and so is the chin. Their eyes are large and alert.

European Burmese have a fine, short coat that lays close to the body with a glossy, satiny feel. European Burmese come in a wide variety of colors. They also have color patches distributed over their entire body and on their extremities. Their undersides are paler than their backs.

Burmese and European Burmese came from Wong Mau. Two of his descendants were imported to Britain by a Siamese breeder. The female was already pregnant buy lost her kittens while they were in the six-month quarantine. The breeder then imported a female Burmese from the U.S. and later imported a male cat. From these cats, the European Burmese was developed.

European Burmese are lively, entertaining, intelligent and loving. They make faithful life-long companions who’ll spend their waking hours engaged in interactive games or cuddling with its family. Young European Burmese cats will engage in acrobatic feats. They remain quite playful their whole lives.

Don’t engage in a battle of wills with a European Burmese, you’ll lose every time. That’s okay though, they’ll make a great companion for children (who play gently), other cats and dogs that like cats. They do need another pet in the home; European Burmese become unhappy and/or depressed if left to their own devices. (If having a companion animals isn’t doable for you, you should look at another breed.)


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