Cesky Terrier

AKC Group: Terrier

The Cesky is a relatively new breed, brought to us by a Czech breeder. The Cesky is a combination of Scottish and Sealyham Terriers. He wanted a drop-eared, short legged, easy to care for terrier that was small enough to fit into burrows to hunt rats, foxes and vermin.

Size: 10 to 13 inches, 13 to 23 pounds

Color: Blue-gray body with tan, yellow or white furnishings; coffee-colored.

Life span: 12 to 15 years

Health problems: Very rarely they suffer from Scottie Cramp. Check and clean the outer ears often.

Also known as the Bohemian Terrier, this is a dog that wears a “bed skirt.” The Cesky has short legs, bushy eyebrows, a mustache and sports a beard. His ears are triangular and fold down close to his head. Their tails aren’t usually docked and tends to lay close to his hind quarters. When he is excited or alert, his tail will stick straight out.

Ceskies are born black and lighten as the dog reaches full maturity around age 2. The eye color is dependent on the Cesky’s coat color. If the Cesky is brown, he will have yellow eyes. If he’s blue/gray, his eyes will be brown. The Cesky coat is wavy, silky and long. The coat is usually clipped short over the body but left long on the belly and legs, giving an illusion of a dual length coat. The longer hair of the belly and legs appear as a skirt.

The Cesky is a sweet, happy dog that loves kids. Courageous, obedient, loyal and patient, they aren’t known as being as aggressive as other terriers. A Cesky often gets along well with other dogs. Well mannered, they love to please the people they love the most. They live for human interaction! They tend to be reserved around strangers. As puppies, a Cesky is full of energy. As they age, they become more sedentary, only becoming active at playtime. As a terrier, they love to eat and to steal food. Never leave your food unattended and increase his playtime as he ages to help him battle the bulge.

His beautiful coat will require frequent attention. He’ll need professional attention four times a year. You’ll probably be brushing him twice a week, just to prevent matting and tangling. You’ll need to trim the hair in his ears and between the pads of his feet. The Cesky doesn’t often shed much hair. Only bathe your Cesky when necessary. The natural oil in his coat helps to repel dirt and water. Too much bathing strips him of this oil and damages his coat.

Training a Cesky isn’t too difficult a task. Their sweet personality does not do well when confronted with harsh, negative treatment. What a Cesky thrives on is consistency and positivity. Socialization will help your Cesky overcome his natural timidity with strangers, especially if you start as a puppy. The more socialized a Cesky is to new people and situations, the better adjusted he’ll be for his entire life. Otherwise, it’s best to keep food and garbage secured and out of his reach.


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