The Newest Cat Breed, the Lykoi

The Lykoi is said to be a cross between a cat, a dog and a werewolf. They resemble Devon Rex and Sphynx breeds of cats but are not related to either. The Lykoi is the result of a natural genetic mutation derived from the domestic shorthair (a mixed breed of cat). The first two officially recorded Lykoi specimens were Hope (female) and Lining Wolfie (male). They were discovered in the wilds of Luray, Virginia in 2010. A nearby breeder adopted them and was responsible for naming them. This breeder contacted a veterinarian from Tennessee, who had found two other Lykoi kittens. With two pairs of kittens available, a breeding program was started. The remarkable thing about the Lykoi breed is there are very few natural mutation new breeds that occur nowadays. This makes the Lykoi a very unique cat indeed.

Lykoi are partially hairless and have a natural roan pattern (a mixture of normal-coated black hair mixed with white hair). The roan pattern is unique to the Lykoi; no other cat breed sports a roan patterned coat. Personality-wise, Lykoi are very affectionate and extremely intelligent. They are friendly and active. They fetch like a dog and love people and want to be in the center of all the family fun. The lack of an undercoat make them great for families with allergy sufferers.

If you’re looking to score a Lykoi, you’ll need some patience. The breed is still in development. The breeding pool is still very small at this point and it will take some time for the breed to become established enough to seek TICA championship status. (Recognition by TICA — The International Cat Association Inc. — will increase public awareness for the breed. A pedigree will also be established making it easy to trace lineage.)


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