Clumber Spaniel

AKC Group: Sporting

The Clumber dates back to the last half of the 18th century and was owned by French royalty, the Duc de Noailles. During the French Revolution, he sent a number of his dogs to the Duke of Newcastle in England. Now both countries share credit for the development of the breed. The Clumber Spaniel came from Basset Hounds and the now extinct early European Spaniel, the Alpine Spaniel. The bloodlines of Clumber Spaniels are completely pure of outside sources. Clumbers were not allowed into non-aristocratic hands until around World War I. At this time breeding programs halted and the Clumber almost disappeared. In 1925, King George V re-developed a breeding program and Clumbers again took to the field to flush game out into the eyesight of waiting hunters.

Size: 17 to 20 inches high; 55 to 85 pounds

Color: Pure white with lemon or orange markings

Life span: 11 to 13 years

Health problems: Cataracts, hip dysplasia, ectropion, spinal problems.

Clumber Spaniels are medium-sized dogs with chunky, sturdy builds. Clumbers are sweet dogs with long soft ears that “frame” their face. Their coat is soft and dense and lays close to their body. It’s silky to the touch and feathers on the tail, legs and underbelly.

Their sweet look is indicative of an affectionate personality; they are a loyal, responsive breed. A Clumber loves to please. He is also an extremely intelligent dog. He loves to play, but is serious enough that when it’s time to work, he can get right down to business. The Clumber gets along with his entire family — kids and other pets, even strangers. A Clumber is a little too friendly of a dog, so don’t expect him to make an effective watchdog. Though they enjoy playtime, their typical energy level is low. A Clumber won’t be for you if you’re an avid outdoorsmen. If you’re looking for a dog whose happy with moderate exercise, a Clumber may be right for you. Generally Clumbers are gentle, innocent, sweet dogs that have a mischievous streak.

If you suffer from allergies, don’t even think about this breed; Clumbers are heavy shedders. He needs brushing three or four times a week. With his droopy ears, you’ll need to regularly check his ears and clean as necessary to reduce the chances of infection. You’ll also be required to trim his hair when he starts to look straggly.

Clumbers do not do well as a kennel dog, they need to be around their family. This love of attention means a Clumber will respond best to positive reinforcement and praise. He also needs consistency and patience, beginning as soon as he comes home. Any kind of harsh, punitive, abusive treatment will cause a Clumber to shut right down.


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