Czechoslovakian Wolfdog (Vlcak)

AKC Group: Foundation Stock Service

In 1955, a German Shepherd was crossed with a Carpathian Wolf. By 1982, the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog or Vlcak was recognized as the national breed.

Size: over 23.5 to 25 inches high. Over 44 to 57 pounds.

Color: Yellow gray; dark gray. Silver gray is preferable. Light mask, chest, belly and undersides of legs, black tail tips and black nails.

Life span: 12 to 16 years

Health problems: Prone to hip dysplasia

Vlcaks are stunners and draw attention wherever they go. Though they retain their wild wolf looks, they are lighter and taller. Their hair is thick and straight. They size up people and situations with ease. Vlcaks can run — 62 miles (or 100 kilometres) easily, react with lightning reflexes and have a terrific sense of direction. No terrain type is impassable, no weather type nor time of day will keep a Vlcak from completing their task. Vlcaks have amber eyes and short, triangular ears sit upright. Their spines are straight with a short loin. The chest is large and flat. The belly is strong and drawn in. The back is short and slightly sloped. Their tails are set high. The forelimbs are straight and narrow set with paws slightly turned out. The hind legs are muscular with a long calf.

Vlcaks are fearless and courageous, lively and active. Naturally suspicious, a Vlcak won’t attack without a cause. The Vlcak is a loyal, playful dog. Without a confident leader, they can act up. Highly intelligent, they learn quickly. If you love nature and exploring trails, a Vlcak will be your best friend and constant companion. They have a much larger toolbox of expression, so don’t be surprised if barking isn’t the only way they try to communicate with you. A Vlcak will not do well with other pets, but is usually good with kids.

The Vlcak sheds heavily twice a year. Bathing is completely unnecessary; dirt just doesn’t stick easily to him. Dry shampoo occasionally. Socialization will be a lifelong pursuit, Vlcaks are highly suspicious dogs. Obedience training is a must. So is a varied training method. Vlcaks can become bored and unmotivated with endless repetition. They need stimulation and require a purpose. If there’s no point, a Vlcak isn’t going to do it. Keep all training sessions short. Keep all sessions respectful, firm, fair, consistent and be patient. Remember, a Vlcak is part wolf. You need to be strong-minded in your leadership and if you get violent, he will respond likewise.


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