English Foxhound

AKC Group: Hound

English Foxhounds were bred naturally from various breeds of hounds. Foxhounds were used in pack hunts and have fantastic scent hunting abilities — and the stamina for a long hunt.

Size: 20 to 27 inches, 65 to 75 pounds

Color: Hound colored. Most often are black, white and tan tricolor. White with one other color also occurs.

Life span: 10 to 13 years

Health problems: Pancreas problems, renal disease or hip dysplasia

English Foxhounds are stouter and slower than their cousin, the American Foxhound. English Foxhounds continue to be used for hunting as they have the stamina to go for hours upon any type of terrain. They were bred for their speed, enthusiasm and voice. If you’re a city dweller and want a Foxhound, know that he can be heard from great distances (and your neighbors will not appreciate your dog as much as you). These are friendly and kind dogs, but they aren’t easily trained. These are hunting dogs through and through and refuse to drop a scent. Any animal that resembles the size of a fox will get hunted. They love other dogs though! This pack mentality helps them to be able to easily follow an owner. To turn him into a family companion and not a hunter will take work with lots of training and exercise time. They also take extra time to mature. They retain the energy of a puppy for an extended length of time.

English Foxhounds are low shedders, so you can brush him minimally. Wipe down with a damp cloth often to keep his coat clean and gleaming. Make sure his ears are clean and dry. To establish your position, you’ll need to be assertive. Foxhounds know instinctively the pack mentality, so he’ll naturally look to you. If you’re not up to the task of being a pack leader, he will soon stop looking to you. This does not mean that you’ll need to dominate him; simply be consistent. If something is right, it’s always right and vice versa, no it’s okay sometimes in certain circumstances. Keep his training fun. English Foxhounds are a working, wonderful hunting dog. Set him up some “hunts.” He’ll learn better when his sessions are fun. Since he seems to possess the energy of several dogs in one, you will need plenty of stamina of your own to keep up with him. Once your Foxhound is trained properly, he’s more than willing to comply and will seek to please you. Keep in mind: The English Foxhound’s mind runs a mile a minute too. He may not ever be able to singularly focus on you. They’re distracted easily. You will need to keep him on task.


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