Korats are the good luck cats of Thailand. Similar (in look) to blue British Shorthairs, Chartreux, Russian Blue and Nebelungs, Korats are distinctly different. Medium in size with a firm, semi-cobby body, Korats are muscular with a supple coat. Their chests are broad, the back has a slight curve. The front legs are slightly shorter than the back. Tails are medium in length and tapers to a round tip. Males weigh 8 to 10 pounds, females weigh 6 to 8 pounds.

Korats have heart-shaped faces with strong chins and jaws. Their ears are large, flared at the base and set high on the head with rounded tips. The eyes are large and a luminous green. Kittens and adolescent cats have amber or yellow eyes that turn fully green once they have reached full maturity (at about two to four years of age).

The Korat coat is short, glossy, fine and lays close to the body. It is solid blue with silver tips. The silver tips are what produces the sheen of the coat. Adults do not have tabby markings, though kittens may.

Called Si-Sawat (see-sah-waht) in their native Siam (now Thailand), Korats were associated with good luck. Named after the Khorat Plateau region, a highland in northeast Thailand, an Oregon breeder is responsible for bringing Korats stateside. She and her husband lived in Bangkok for six years. She tried to buy a pair while there, but, even in Thailand, Korats are rare and prized. In 1959, after returning home to the U.S., she was given a pair as a gift. In 1961, another breeder successfully imported a pair. Yet another breeder imported a single female. These five cats were the basis for the North American Korat breed.

Throughout the 1960s, more Thai Korats were imported, but no cat was accepted into a breeding program unless they were proven to have come from Thailand. In 1968, an additional nine Korats were introduced into the gene pool.

Korat cats are affectionate and possess the magic ability to turn cat haters into cat lovers. Korats develop the deepest of bonds and do not do well when left alone for extended periods. A Korat is a cat who will follow you around like a little duckling. They are keen human observers and possess a sharp intellect. Korats are insistent helpers (at least they think they’re helping). Their inquisitive nature should be kept strictly indoors!

Korats approach play time at warp speed. The hunting prowess remains strong and if you are unfortunate enough to get between them and a toy, you’ll be sorry. Korat cats have been known to sail over a table, counter, fellow feline and a sleeping dog in pursuit of “prey.” This ensures that Korats are fun to watch, but, stand back.

Don’t worry, Korats do sleep — this may be your only time in peace. (All that devotion and energy does take a lot out of a cat!) Korats are not as vocal as their Siamese cousins. Korat breeders say the cat has the ability to convey their feelings via facial expressions. If you miss that message, your Korat will revert to speaking his mind.


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