Entlebucher Mountain Dog

AKC Group: Herding

Named after a Swiss canton of Lucerne, the Entlebucher is the smallest of the Swiss mountain dogs. They are believed to have descended from the fighting and guarding mastiffs. The Entlebucher remains a popular dog in Switzerland, but is rarely seen outside the country.

Size: 16 to 21 inches tall; 47 to 62 pounds

Color: Tricolor (black with tan and white markings)

Life span: 11 to 15 years

Health problems: A generally healthy breed, Entlebuchers can be afflicted with genetic diseases, particularly progressive retinal atrophy.

Entlebuchers are a square-looking, sturdy work dogs. Small, triangular ears hang down beside their small, lively brown eyes. They have a smooth, close fitting coat (that requires very minimal grooming requirements). White markings are seen on the toes, tail tips, chest and blaze with tan makings between the white and black coat. The tail can sometimes be docked.

A Entlebucher is a dog that is happiest by your side every hour of the day. If you don’t want a canine shadow, consider another breed. The Entlebucher is an intelligent, agile, loyal dog that does retain an independent, self-confident personality. He loves people unwaveringly and craves a place in the family. Entlebuchers are territorial and slightly suspicious of strangers. An Entlebucher has an impressive bark and will not fail to announce the arrival of a guest. An Entlebucher makes a great companion for children. Entlebuchers are quick, tough, physical dogs that need at least one hour of vigorous activity each day. They also require stimulating activities to keep their behavior in check. An Entlebucher is a dog that needs a job to do, so consider agility or obedience activities.

The head of the house needs to be the one to train your Entlebucher. As with most breeds, an Entlebucher needs early socialization to guests, strangers and other pets. With a love of roughhousing, you may need to show him to be gentle with kids. They are super smart and can be wilful, so have patience. An Entlebucher loves to play. You will have countless hours of fun with him.

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