Field Spaniel

AKC Group: Sporting

The Field Spaniel comes from England, descending from the English Cocker Spaniel. The Field Spaniel makes a good bird dog and can make a decent watchdog.

Size: 16 to 19 inches high; 30 to 45 pounds

Color: Black, liver, golden liver, bicolored, roan or ticked patterns in white areas. Tan points are allowed as is white on the throat, chest or brisket.

Life span: 12 to 14 years

Health problems: Cataracts, thyroid issues, progressive retinal atrophy, hip dysplasia.

Field Spaniels are medium sized dogs with sturdy builds and an eager expression. Their silky coat is long, flat and glossy. His long silky ears frame his face. The Field Spaniel is a docile, graceful dog that is intelligent, responsive and affectionate. They are gentle, eager to please, enthusiastic and make a great family pet. Active and energetic, a Field Spaniel loves to play, exercise and join in on any active activity. Sociable and friendly, whatever your level of dog experience, a Field Spaniel is an ideal choice. They get along well with all children, but do not like rough handling. He can get along with other companion animals and even strangers. Some Field Spaniels have an independent streak that will require confidence and assertiveness when training. For the most part, a Field Spaniel is easy to train.

Field Spaniels are medium to heavy shedders. His coat needs to be brushed every other day. During shedding season, the coat will require more maintenance. Trim any straggly hairs and check his ears often to ensure they’re clean and dry.

If you handle your Field Spaniel too roughly he will withdraw. A Field Spaniel puppy can be especially shy or timid so establish your bond first. Field Spaniels tend to bark after even the slightest interruption, so try to find a quiet, non-threatening environment to train in. Socialization will help your puppy overcome his shyness, making dog parks are an essential building block in his training. This social time can reduce aggression in his later years. As a natural hunter, retriever and tracker, any time you can put his natural skills to use, your Field Spaniel will be grateful. A Field Spaniel can develop a close attachment to only one person, so involve all family members in his training. Field Spaniels learn new tricks and skills easily so he won’t have a problem with varied training methods. If you’re looking for a watchdog, you can easily train a Field Spaniel for this task.


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